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Erevos Podcast is the first spotlight on a newly created group that will inhabit the world of Erevos, a living campaign setting where multiple groups are playing in the same cities, meeting the same Non Player characters and facing the same devastating effects of their choices. The Podcast will use a ”tabula rasa” approach to the players and you, the listener. The lore of the world will became known as the players experience it for the first time.

The best way for you to delve into a dark and unknown world is to listen to the Lore basic introduction and then meet our cast on their Player Introduction.

Here on our site you will find all the Episodes of the Erevos Podcast that will be published every two weeks.

Also you can find out all the information regarding our Non Player Characters that are being updated as our player encounters more every session.

And last but not least all the information, backstories and journals of our tortured players can be found here.

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Episode 8 In Character pt.2

[During the travel to the Stone City, after Wynnstan’s and Sefris’ sparring following Episode 8]

Vilras was with the escapees as he saw Sefris and Wynnstan almost playfully fight. It seemed to go great for Sefris until the Paladin always had something up his sleeve and seemed to win, as much as you can speak of either one winning anything but an apparently good time. Realizing he would do well with actually learning to use his new found gift, Vilras left Wynnstan a little bit of time to breathe before approaching himself. With his draconic form, he doesn’t have to do a lot to get the attention of the Paladin, speaking up as he approaches.

“Wynnstan? I have a… request, I suppose”

Wynnstan leads the column, working steadfastly now to hide how deeply the cold digs into him. It works, mostly, but occasionally he forgets to grit his teeth, and they chatter, putting the lie to him. He eyes the lumbering dragon man, without turning, and then turns his eyes back to the road.

“Yes, Lizardman, I have not forgotten the silver. But we have not met anyone who changes money. Can it not wait until the Stone City?”


Episode 8 In Character pt.1

[on the way to the Stone City after Episode 8]

A cold gust of wind makes Sefris shiver. She brings her hands to her face, trying to warm up her cheeks first, then her ears. She doesn’t dare to complain, though: the people they are traveling with are wearing nothing but their capes. She looks around. The weary travelers are resting just a bit off the main road, gathered close for warmth, sharing food amongst themselves. It’s already been over a day, yet she can hardly believe that she and Wynnstan managed to get them all out of that horrifying building. As she thinks about him, she notices the paladin standing further away from the group, keeping an eye on the road. She gets up. Moving towards the man, her instinct is to keep her pace slow and soft, as if approaching the monster they barely managed to escape from just the day before. When she realizes this, she needs to make a conscious effort to make herself be heard and avoid sneaking up on him.

“I wanted to apologize,”


Erevos Podcast – Episode 8

In the Eighth episode of Erevos Podcast, the group is divided but equally threatened by deadly situations. The Golden City seems to have more secrets than Sarthorak Island. And they are feeling more confused with every second they spend in it! Their choices will seal their fate.

Episode 8 Summary

At the cave, Vilras and Nox were assaulted by bandits in black cloaks, two children, and one adult, resulting in Nox being knocked out due to some lucky hits from the bandit leader. However, utilizing Vilras’ acid breath and spear the attackers were quickly subdued.

Back at the Scream House, Wynnstan and Sefris blockaded their room while freeing the tortured captives, including Jacks and his daughter. However, Jacks revealed to them that he had never met them before and they had been tricked by someone else instead. Focusing on escaping first, they hauled the captives up and out of the vile basement. During that lengthy progress, a grotesque monster started breaking through the barricade. It was a floating ball-shape, with a big, glazed over white eye above a big toothy maw. Small spines covered the body between tentacles, ending in similarly foggy white orbs. 


Episode 7 In Character pt.2

[The following took place after everyone but Vilras went to the Golden City inside the cave]

After being left at the cave, for fear of the distinctive Dragon being recognized, Vilras’ expression drops. Visibly distraught he sits behind the barely smoldering fire.

“Did… Did we really… kill an innocent man?”,

he mutters to himself in a rusty Draconic, not having spoken the exotic language in a while.

“Vashka would not lead us astray… how could this have….”


Episode 7 In Character pt.1

[the following scene takes place the night after Episode 7 when the party is resting in the cave]

Wynnstan’s eyes snap awake in the dark cave. He waits for a moment, listening to the breathing of those sleeping around him. He thinks back to the dream now fading away…he was on a boat, with his father. The sun was setting as they made for Tyferol, the low roofs silhouetted against the sky. He had the tiller. The wind shifted, imperceptibly. Without thinking he adjusted the tiller, then grabbed the line for the mainsail, letting it out, finally stopping as it billowed fully, taut above him. To his left, his father laughed.

“Wynnstan, you’ll be ready for your own boat one day. And soon, at this rate, my boy.”

Wynnstan laughs and shakes his head.

“Da, don’t be daft. I can sail alright but I can’t find the herd of whales like you can.”


Erevos Podcast – Episode 7

In the Seventh episode of Erevos Podcast, things are not always as they seem. The party is wanted for murder, and they realize that the ”real” world might be even worse than their little-secluded island.

Episode 7 Summary

Having been spotted by the child, Nox showed an illusion of a bloodied Jacks in the room, trying to trick her into believing he was there. He and Sefris then closed and blocked the door, buying themselves some time. The screams of the girl were followed by more screams until in almost no time the whole house seemed alarmed, including the guard in front of the door. However, instead of running into the house, he ran away after seeing Vilras and being affected by his command to “flee.”


The City of Gold

The Golden City or the City of Gold is the capital of Tiso Island,

It is located on the South West of the island, and it’s a beacon of trading in Erevos. Ten massive spires are spread in the golden city, each spire rises more than 100 feet in the air, and each belongs to one of the ten powerful merchant families of the city.


Island of Tiso

Greetings traveller,

I have the pleasure of accepting the daunting task of sharing the beauties and the horrors this land holds. I have to admit that this is a difficult task even for an old timer that has spent all of his life recording stories. Let me introduce my self; I am Eronickus Gaunt, a storyteller, music maker, knowledge hunter but most of all a Chronicler.  Where should one start, on the living dead cities of the east, or the civilized filled with political drama towns of the west? Should I look in books for the entries of the apocalypse people of Erevos call Darkshed or should I look for stories of the previews world that will showcase the Empires of the old before the fall, the era that people knew the world as Chthon? Perhaps I should share stories of war among the traders of the islands? Or the mysterious races of the lands that now seem to be hidden or lost?

I think I will start with now since I have a feeling that nothing is better than here and now, wouldn’t you agree?