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Erevos Podcast is the first spotlight on a newly created group that will inhabit the world of Erevos, a living campaign setting where multiple groups are playing in the same cities, meeting the same Non Player characters and facing the same devastating effects of their choices. The Podcast will use a ”tabula rasa” approach to the players and you, the listener. The lore of the world will became known as the players experience it for the first time.

The best way for you to delve into a dark and unknown world is to listen to the Lore basic introduction and then meet our cast on their Player Introduction.

Here on our site you will find all the Episodes of the Erevos Podcast that will be published every two weeks.

Also you can find out all the information regarding our Non Player Characters that are being updated as our player encounters more every session.

And last but not least all the information, backstories and journals of our tortured players can be found here.

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Erevos Podcast – Episode 5

The fifth episode of Erevos Podcast, a new Island, a new world, people and cultures that our party has never encountered before. Will they manage to adapt to the new world and its threats or will they perish trying?

Episode 5 Summary

Luckily for the party, the rest of the trip turned out to be mostly uneventful. They spotted a huge, shadowy silhouette in the waters underneath their boat, but the creature left them alone and kept swimming in the direction they came from. Still, the stress, the sea sickness and the sleep deprivation took a toll on the party, especially on Sefris, who had a mild mental breakdown.
After three days, the group spotted a huge island, way bigger than Sarthorak. They saw a beautiful city with incredibly tall towers, and one particular building that was glowing with such intensity that it hurt their eyes. There were plenty of boats with white sails, and ships with red sails.


Erevos Podcast – Episode 4

The forth episode of Erevos Podcast, will the party stay to fight the Order, will they board a ship to the closest island and what will become of their families and Hest?


Episode 4 Summary

The party had to decide on their next move.
Three main options were brought up: leaving the island with Centrik; leaving the island on a different boat; or staying on the island.
Whatever the choice, Wynnstan and Sefris were especially determined to free the island from the thick web of lies that imprisoned its entire population.
In the end, the group agreed to steal a boat and make it to Tiso on their own, so they could bring Anver’s corpse along. But, before they could do that, they had a few more problems to deal with – namely the fate of Hest and of their own relatives.


Erevos Podcast – Episode 3

The third episode of Erevos Podcast, mystical stones that enhance magic, orcish tribes that bring people back from the dead and the search of truth that leads our players to the four corners of the island.

Episode 3 Summary

Wynnstan rushed back into the cave only to find the lifeless corpse of his father. Centrik stood over him, holding a strange stone in one hand, focused on chanting a strange, alien ritual. As the rest of the group returned to the hideout and tended to their wounds, Centrik finished his spell, handed the stone to Wynnstan and explained that he couldn’t save Anver’s life, but he was able to magically preserve his body. According to him, as long as Anver’s body remained intact, there may have been a way to bring him back from the dead. Centrik gave them directions to an orchish tribe of shamans on the northern part of Erevos, but Wynnstan dismissed his claims and decided to bury his father instead.

Vilras proceeded to search the bodies of the attackers and throw them in the sea. He found a letter that seemed to indicate that the four of them worked for the Merchants Circle of Tyferol and were busy collecting and delivering items. The reason why they attacked the group wasn’t clear.


Episode 2 Summary

Wynnstan stood at the entrance of the cave, weapon in hand, while the rest of the party remained hidden not too far. He spoke to the armed man, trying to resolve the situation without resorting to violence. The man wasn’t the fugitive they had been tracking down, but he admitted to be the person who helped him escape. He was wearing strange clothes and wielding weapons that Wynnstan had never seen before, and he claimed to have come from foreign lands, places outside of the island of Sarthorak. He refused to hand over the prisoner, revealing that the old man had saved him from a terrible storm many years ago and he had sworn to repay him for that.
When he mentioned the storm, Wynnstan became even more agitated. Him and the prisoner recognized each other: the fugitive was Anvar Whitesail, Wynnstan’s father, believed to have perished three years earlier at sea. He was hurt and exhausted. As Wynnstan rushed to his side, the rest of the party revealed themselves and put away their weapons.
While Anvar rested, the foreign man, now certain that the group meant no harm to either of them, introduced himself. His name was Centrik Berlis, and he claimed to hail from a city called Theogonia. The party offered to relocate them to a safer place, a different cave known to Nox, and he agreed.
Vilras and Sefris left the others to go back to the spot where Hest and the horses had been left. Vilras tried to come up with a lie, but Sefris was straightforward with Hest and explained that the prisoner they had been chasing was Wynnstan’s father and that the Remorser had abandoned their mission to bring him back. Hest had no choice but to go along, but he clearly didn’t like the situation.


Erevos Podcast – Episode 1

Welcome to the Erevos Podcast! In this episode our players will enter the world of Erevos for the first time. Sefris, Vilras, Nox and Wynnstan find themselves in the middle of events that will change the island of Sarthorak forever! Their choices will most definitely impact their lives… for better or worse!

The people and the places mentioned in this podcast could be found on the following posts :



Episode 1 Summary


On the Island of Sarthorak, the Order of Remorse teaches two things: the rest of the world was destroyed during the Darkshed, and the Island and its inhabitants were spared thanks to their one and only Goddess, Vashka. Anyone who claims otherwise is thrown in the depths of Derith, the underground prison.
Our story began when Vilras Shinxar, a Dragonborn jailor, discovered one of the cells of Derith to be empty, and found a hole that led to the surface. Additionally, he found some scribbles on the walls of the cell that he could not understand. He quickly alerted the authorities of his findings: for the first time in history, a heretic had escaped.
Vilras was instructed to head to Shilok and bring back an expert who could decipher the symbols he had found. While he was gone, a paladin named Wynnstan Whitesail was summoned by Vaal, the man in charge of newly graduated Remorsers like him, and made aware of the situation. Wynnstan was promised an immediate promotion to a position of power if he could capture the escapee and keep the incident under wraps.

Vilras soon returned to Derith with a Remorser named Sefris Mordran, a Human astronomer and scholar. He met with Wynnstan and led both Remorsers to the cell. Sefris revealed that the symbols on the wall represented stars and constellations, but without a cypher, a small object to be placed on a marked spot on the floor in order to project light on the wall, the meaning of the drawing would remain a mystery. The cypher was nowhere to be found, so the group went to interrogate the guards who were on watch when the criminal escaped.
One of them was a Remorser named Hest. He was suspected of having aided the heretic in his escape. The tired, terrified man could barely talk, and insisted that his only crime was falling asleep on the job.
Lastly, the group examined the hole that led from the cell to a nearby forest. They determined it had been dug by non-magical means, likely from the outside. They found some tracks that led south-east, but before following them they requested to bring Hest with them, to spare him the agony of his imprisonment and give him a chance to help them find the criminal and clear his own name.