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Erevos Podcast is the first spotlight on a newly created group that will inhabit the world of Erevos, a living campaign setting where multiple groups are playing in the same cities, meeting the same Non Player characters and facing the same devastating effects of their choices. The Podcast will use a ”tabula rasa” approach to the players and you, the listener. The lore of the world will became known as the players experience it for the first time.

The best way for you to delve into a dark and unknown world is to listen to the Lore basic introduction and then meet our cast on their Player Introduction.

Here on our site you will find all the Episodes of the Erevos Podcast that will be published every two weeks.

Also you can find out all the information regarding our Non Player Characters that are being updated as our player encounters more every session.

And last but not least all the information, backstories and journals of our tortured players can be found here.

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Erevos Podcast – Episode 10

In the tenth episode of Erevos Podcast, the party loses a friend and gains a new one. They realize they are implicated into a way more critical web than they thought. Temples of old, portals to the dark side and rituals that could bring the apocalypse to Erevos once again. 

Episode 10 Summary


Sefris rejoined the group in the basement after conversing with Sotho, terrified by Centrik’s message in her own head. She responds telepathically:

“Understood. We survived. We’re getting help. Where are you held? How much time do we have? What can we do? Who can we trust?”

She shared the conversation with the group, while Nox quickly albeit not completely sneakily stole a book.
During a discussion about future plans, Sefris got a magic reply from Centrik:


Erevos Podcast – Episode 9

In the Ninth episode of Erevos Podcast, the party is asked to decide about their future. They learn about the apocalypse that took place centuries ago and about the River of Souls, that elves created to protect Erevos. While they were founding refuge and they plotted out their next moves, someone from their past will find them and shock them.

Episode 9 Summary

The party checked the warehouse, which turned out to be empty and auctioned off to someone else. To continue their spree of heroism, they went back to the escapees to give them a warmer place to stay only to find everyone, but the traumatized ones had abandoned them, including the one entrusted with a blade to protect them.

Returning to the warehouse, Jacks also appeared missing, and a cloaked figure emerged behind them. Luckily that person was not a bandit, but rather Jacks, who checked in on his sister Sotho not living far from there.

The party tended to the defenseless escapees and discussed their plans with Jacks and accidentally revealed that they are from Sarthorak. They figured out that the old world, called Chthon, was destroyed by Darkshed and darkness devoured it. The remaining lands were saved by the River of souls, a magical barrier created by the elves to keep the darkness at bay at the cost of their lives.


Episode 9 In Character

[The following takes place immediately after the long rest in the warehouse between the end of Episode 8 and the beginning of Episode 9]

Nox sat quietly during his watch, everyone fast asleep. One of the problems of being an Elf is that while you don’t need as much time to sleep as other races, you have more time to think, trapped in your own head. He had been thinking of the people who had glared at him, shocked because of his race. He had wondered why everyone hated the Elves if they were the ones who sacrificed themselves to stop the spread of darkness. He had wondered why he was born on Sarthorak, and how he was separated from his own kind – wondering if all his hindrances were caused by the hand of humans, and the other races. Most of all, he can’t stop thinking about what he saw earlier; the false Jacks being dipped in gold and the announcement that he was now branded a criminal and could share that same, brutal fate. His eyes cold, staring blankly lost in thought into the dark warehouse. The noise of light shuffling caught his attention, out of the corner of his eye he could see one of the sleeping shadows get up and move towards him- he quietly took a deep breath, realizing that his time alone was likely coming to an end.

Sefris opens her eyes and doesn’t quite understand where she is. There is… a ceiling above her. Oh, right. She stretches, quietly, and yawns. She has been sleeping in caves for so long, the sight of four walls around her, bare and dusty as they may be, is quite comforting. Welcome back to civilization, Astronomer. She reaches for her backpack and blindly feels around in it until she finds a mug. She also grabs her dagger and checks her reflection in the blade. Her hair is a mess; she will need to cut it shorter soon. The bags under her eyes are mostly hidden by the make-up, but the same can’t be said for her tattoo on the left side of her face. She remembers revealing it to Jacks the night before, and with that memory comes the recollection of the things they have learned just hours earlier. She sighs. She puts the dagger away and empties her waterskin in the mug. Looking around, she notices Nox sitting closer to the entrance, away from the group. She remembers him taking the last watch. Sefris gets up and, careful not to wake up the others, approaches the Elf.

“Mornin’, Pointy,”


Episode 8 In Character pt.2

[During the travel to the Stone City, after Wynnstan’s and Sefris’ sparring following Episode 8]

Vilras was with the escapees as he saw Sefris and Wynnstan almost playfully fight. It seemed to go great for Sefris until the Paladin always had something up his sleeve and seemed to win, as much as you can speak of either one winning anything but an apparently good time. Realizing he would do well with actually learning to use his new found gift, Vilras left Wynnstan a little bit of time to breathe before approaching himself. With his draconic form, he doesn’t have to do a lot to get the attention of the Paladin, speaking up as he approaches.

“Wynnstan? I have a… request, I suppose”

Wynnstan leads the column, working steadfastly now to hide how deeply the cold digs into him. It works, mostly, but occasionally he forgets to grit his teeth, and they chatter, putting the lie to him. He eyes the lumbering dragon man, without turning, and then turns his eyes back to the road.

“Yes, Lizardman, I have not forgotten the silver. But we have not met anyone who changes money. Can it not wait until the Stone City?”


Episode 8 In Character pt.1

[on the way to the Stone City after Episode 8]

A cold gust of wind makes Sefris shiver. She brings her hands to her face, trying to warm up her cheeks first, then her ears. She doesn’t dare to complain, though: the people they are traveling with are wearing nothing but their capes. She looks around. The weary travelers are resting just a bit off the main road, gathered close for warmth, sharing food amongst themselves. It’s already been over a day, yet she can hardly believe that she and Wynnstan managed to get them all out of that horrifying building. As she thinks about him, she notices the paladin standing further away from the group, keeping an eye on the road. She gets up. Moving towards the man, her instinct is to keep her pace slow and soft, as if approaching the monster they barely managed to escape from just the day before. When she realizes this, she needs to make a conscious effort to make herself be heard and avoid sneaking up on him.

“I wanted to apologize,”


Erevos Podcast – Episode 8

In the Eighth episode of Erevos Podcast, the group is divided but equally threatened by deadly situations. The Golden City seems to have more secrets than Sarthorak Island. And they are feeling more confused with every second they spend in it! Their choices will seal their fate.

Episode 8 Summary

At the cave, Vilras and Nox were assaulted by bandits in black cloaks, two children, and one adult, resulting in Nox being knocked out due to some lucky hits from the bandit leader. However, utilizing Vilras’ acid breath and spear the attackers were quickly subdued.

Back at the Scream House, Wynnstan and Sefris blockaded their room while freeing the tortured captives, including Jacks and his daughter. However, Jacks revealed to them that he had never met them before and they had been tricked by someone else instead. Focusing on escaping first, they hauled the captives up and out of the vile basement. During that lengthy progress, a grotesque monster started breaking through the barricade. It was a floating ball-shape, with a big, glazed over white eye above a big toothy maw. Small spines covered the body between tentacles, ending in similarly foggy white orbs.


Black Hope

Black Hope is a powerful and highly addictive drug that has been created in the Golden City.

The main ingredient of the drug is Adrenaline, a substance that is being extracted by humans while they are being tortured. The higher the amount of pain and fear the person is subjected to the better and more potent its adrenaline is. After the torture is finished the human is being covered by a green substance that heals all of its wounds so that within 6-8 hours the adrenaline could regenerate in his body and the procedure could be repeated again and again.